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Shichahai Shadow Art Hotel
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No.24, Song Shu Jie, Xi Cheng District
Beijing, China



Rooms of Chinese opera characters

Shichahai Shadow Art Hotel differentiates its rooms by traditional Chinese opera characters: Sheng(Leading actor), Dan(Leading Actress), Cho(Jester), Jing(High-Ranking Minister).

The hotel houses exclusively 25 rooms, and as you walk through its rooms, you can see each room has its own Chinese operatic icon which represents its respective character. If you feel like staying in a room of Zhuge Liang, a chancellor of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, then book the room of Old Sheng . If you like Mulan, make sure you have a room of Warrior Dan(leading actress). Stay in a room that is dear to your heart.

Very different from experiences in big modern hotels, the room of Cho is made with a form of "Chinese Kang* room." The legend is that former natives in the present day South Korea invented the kang. During Sui and Tan dynasties, those natives from the northeast lived in bleak winter and mused over the concepts of “the bed’ and “the stove.” They merged the two into one, and produced a kang after many tryouts. This type of bed was then adopted into the northeast tribes, and eventually into the Yellow River and the northern areas of Qinling. The hotel has adapted this special element and transformed the design with a modern look.

Jing rooms are the most exclusive rooms of the hotel. The rooms have a view of the courtyard where you can overlook the Chinese traditional theatre, constructed by the carpenter who is, a key member in a huge crew, rebuilding the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. Or overlook the Beijing hutong, which also gives you a fresh sense every morning.

* A “kang” is a type of brick bed that is heated by charcoal or wood, and is commonly used in northern China.